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The Art of Indian Cuisine.
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Halal Lamb , Chicken and Goat

We spice to your taste mild, medium, Spicy or Indian Spicy.

VEGETABLE SAMOSA Deep fried 3 patties stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes & green peas $4.99*

VEGETABLE PAKORA Freshly seasoned vegetable fritters $4.99*

GOBI PAKORA Fresh cauliflower pieces dipped in chick peas batter and deep fried $4.99

ALOO TIKKI Potatoes & green peas delicately spiced and deep fried $4.99

ALOO PAKORA Fresh potatoes pieces dipped in chick peas batter and deep fried $4.99

ONION BHAZI Freshly diced onion mixed with flour and deep fried $4.99

KEEMA SAMOSA Deep fried patties stuffed with mildly spiced ground meat and vegetables $5.99*

BOMBAY CHAT Crispy Wafers with garbanzo beans, potatoes, onions, yogurt and sprinkled with chutney $6.99*

CHEESE PAKORA Delicately spiced cheese fritters $7.99*
CHICKEN PAKORA Delicately Spiced chicken fritters $7.99*

ASSORTED VEGETABLE FRITTERS Vegetale pakora, aloo pakora, gobi pakora, onion bhazi $7.99

CALAMARI PAKORA Delicately spiced calamari fritters $7.99*

TAVA MUSHROOM Sauteed mushrooms with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers $9.99*

PANEER TIKKA Tandoored Fresh cheese pieces sauteed with bell pepper, onion, tomatoes $10.99*

ASSORTED APPETIZER : Seekh Kabab, vegetable pakora, chicken Pakora, onion Bhazi $10.99*



MULLIGATAWANY: Delicately spiced lentil soup garnished with rice and chicken $3.99*

HAANDI CHICKEN SOUP: Tomato soup cooked with shredded chicken, herbs & mildly spiced $3.99


HOUSE SALAD: Finely diced cucumbers, tomatoes and onions served on a bed of lettuce $2.99

HAANDI SALAD: A mixture of fresh seasonal vegetables garnished with spices and lemon juice $3.99

FRUIT SALAD: Mix fresh fruits in mango pulp $5.99

BASANTI SALAD: Mix greens tossed with Raspberry Walnut vinaigrete sauce and topped with fresh cheese, pine nuts and sundried tomatoes $7.99

HAANDI CHICKEN SALAD: Mix greens tossed with respberry walnut vinaigrette and topped with pieces of chicken tikka and sliced tomatoes $9.99*

HAANDI SHRIMP SALAD: Shrimps and mushrooms cooked with garlic and ginger over the bed of mix green salad, tossed with Raspberry Walnut vinaigrete sauce $11.99

All entrees served with rice, pappadam (Crispy bread), tamarind and mint chutney.

Tandoori (Clay Oven) Delicacies
Prepared in the tandoor and served sizzling hot on a bed of onions, bell pepper and fresh lemon.

CHICKEN TIKKA Tender boneless pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs & spices $12.99*

LAMB TIKKA (BOTI KABAB) Tender boneless pieces of lamb marinated in yogurt, herb and spices $14.99*
CHICKEN SEESH KABAB Minced chicken with onion, herbs and spices molded on the skewers $12.99

LAMB SEESH KABAB Minced meat with onions, herbs and spices molded on skewers $14.99

CHICKEN TANDOORI Spring juicy chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs & spices, Tandoored in clay oven. Half $9.99.........Full $16.99*

SEABASS TANDOORI Boneless pieces of Seabass marinated in yogurt & spices tandoored in clay oven $17.99

MAHI MAHI TANDOORI Boneless pieces of Mahi Mahi marinated in yogurt & spices tandoored in clay oven $17.99
GARLIC SHRIMP Shrimps tandoored in Clay oven, sauteed with garlic, bell pepper and onion $17.99

TANDOORI SALMON Boneless pieces of salmon marinated in yogurt & spices tandoored in clay oven $17.99

SHAH'S PLATTER Assortment of delicious meats fit for a king. A combination of Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka and rack of lamb $19.99*

SEAFOOD PLATTER Tandoori Salmon, Mahi Mahi, Sea Bass and jumbo shrimps served sizzling on a bed of onions and bell pepper $19.99*

LAMB CHOPS Marinated rack of lamb cooked in tandoor $19.99*


CHICKEN CURRY Boneless chicken cooked with spiced tomatoes and onion sauce. $11.99

KARAHI CHICKEN Boneless chicken cooked with bell pepper, onions, garlic, ginger & tomatoes. $11.99

CHICKEN DOPIAZA Boneless chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic ginger and spices $11.99

CHICKEN VINDALOO Boneless chicken cooked with hot spices and potatoes $11.99

CHICKEN PALAK Tender pieces of chicken cooked with special creamy spinach curry $11.99
MURGH MAKHNI Chicken tandoored in clay oven & cooked in butter, yogurt & tomato gravy $12.99*

CHICKEN MALAI Boneless Chicken breast marinated in yogurt, herbs & spices. Cooked with coconut & creamy sauce $12.99*

CHICKEN KORMA Diced chicken flavored with Kashmiri herbs and cooked with yogurt & cream, mild spices with raisins and nuts $12.99
CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt & spices tandoored and blended in our delicious curry sauce $12.99*

CHICKEN KEEMA: Ground chicken and green peas cooked in mild or hot spices with tomato, ginger and garlic $12.99

HAANDI'S GINGER CHICKEN cooked with sliced ginger, garlic & spices in very light sauce $12.99*
CHICKEN HARA BHARA Curried chicken cooked with sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and Pesto sauce $12.99*
CHICKEN BASANTI Curried chicken cook with sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, spices and cream sauce $12.99
CHICKEN NASHILA MASALA Curried chicken cooked with mushrooms and vodka tomato cream sauce $13.99

LAMB PALAK Diced lamb cooked with spinach, ginger and spices $12.99

LAMB CURRY Boneless lamb specially cooked with herbs, tasty spices, ginger and garlic $12.99

KARAHI GOSHT Diced boneless lamb cookeed in chef's secret spices with diced onions, bell peppers ginger & garlic $12.99

LAMB VINDALOO Lamb pieces cooked in hot tomato sauce with potatoes $12.99

LAMB ROGAN JOSH Lamb cooked with fresh tomatoes, garlic, ginger and spices 12.99

LAMB KORMA Diced boneless lamb with yogurt, cream, raisins and nuts cooked in mild spices $13.99

LAMB TIKKA MASALA Boneless pieces of lamb marinated in yogurt & spices. Tandoored in clay oven, then blended in our delicious curry sauce $13.99*

LAMB GOAN Lamb cooked with coconut cream sauce $13.99*

MANGO LAMB CURRY Diced lamb cooked with mango pulp, spices garlic and ginger $13.99*

HAANDI'S GINGER LAMB Lightly curried lamb cooked with sliced ginger, garlic, onions & spices 13.99*

GOAT CURRY Goat meat with bones, cooked with herbs, spices, ginger and garlic $13.99*

LAMB NASHILA MASALA cooked with mushrooms and vodka tomato cream sauce $14.99*

ALOO GOBI Fresh cauliflower & sauteed potatoes cooked dry with spices and tomato $9.99
BENGAN BHARTHA Fresh eggplant, roasted in tandoor & then cooked curry style with fresh tomatoes and green peas $9.99
BHINDI MASALA Fresh okra cooked with onion, tomato, ginger, garlic with mildly tasteful spices topped with cilantro $9.99
CHANA MASALA Garbonzo beans spiced with fresh ginger & served in its own sauce $9.99
CHANA DAAL Split black gram cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger and cumin seed $9.99
YELLOW DAAL: Lentils cooked in light butter $9.99
ALOO BANGAN: Potato and eggplant sauteed with spices and herbs $9.99
ALOO MATAR Green peas & sauteed potatoes cooked in curry sauce $9.99
ALOO GAJJAR MATAR Carrots, potatoes nad green peas cooked with garlic ginger and spices $9.99
VEGETABLE JALFREZI Fresh vegetables cooked with ground herbs & spices $9.99
ALOO DOPIAZA Potatoes cooked with onions, Ginger,Garlic and spices $9.99*
PALAK ALOO BHUNA Fresh baby spinach and potatoes cooked with onions, garlic ginger and spices $9.99*
DAAL MAKHNI Lentils cooked in light butter $9.99
SHAHI PANEER Homemade cheese cooked in tomato sauce with ginger $10.99
MALAI KOFTA Fresh grated vegetables cooked gravy flour batter & deep fried served in a tomato& onion sauce $10.99
MUSHROOM MASALA Mushroom, corns, carrots and green beans cooked in creamy curry sauce $10.99*
VEGETABLE KORMA Assorted vegetables cooked in yogurt, cream, mild spices with raisins and nuts $10.99
MATAR PANEER Vegetable green peas & homemade cheese cooked in curry sauce $10.99
PALAK PANEER Homemade cheese cooked with spinach
mildly flavored with fresh herbs & spices $10.99
PANEER MASALA Chunks of cheese sauteed with onion, tomato, bell pepper served in our delicious curry sauce $10.99*
KARAHI PANEER Cheese cooked with onion, tomato, bell pepper $10.99
KADHI PAKORA:Vegetable fritters dipped in special curry sauce prepared with fine blend of gram flour and yogurt with herbs and spices $10.99

$1.00 Extra for Biryani's with brown rice
JEERA RICE: Basmati rice cooked with onions and cumin seeds $4.99
PILLAU RICE Basmati special flavored rice cooked in light butter with green peas, diced onion, cashewnuts, raisins and saffron $7.99
VEGETABLE BIRYANI Highly aromatic basmati rice cooked with garden fresh herbs and spices $9.99
CHICKEN BIRYANI Saffron flavored rice,cooked with chicken pieces & special blend of herbs and spices $11.99
LAMB BIRYANI Saffron flavored rice cooked with spice lamb piece$12.99
SHRIMP BIRYANI Saffron flavored rice, cooked with shrimps & special blend of herbs and spices $ 15.99

ROTI whole wheat bread $2.25
NAN Delicious leaved bread $2.25
GARLIC NAN: Nan topped with freshly grounded garlic $2.99*
ONION KULCHA: Nan stuffed with freshly diced red onions $3.99*
CHILLI NAN topped with fresh green chilli $3.99
PUREE: 2 Deep fried whole wheat bread $3.99
PARANTHA: Indian style multilayered whole wheat bread topped with butter $3.99
CHEESE NAN: Nan stuffed with cheese $3.99
ALOO KULCHA: Nan stuffed with mildly spiced mashed potatoes and peas $3.99
OLIVE NAN Fresh clay oven baked bread stuffed with green olives $4.50*
KABULI NAN: Nan stuffed with raisins and cashewnuts $4.50
SPINACH PARANTHA: Whole wheat bread stuffed with spinach baked in clay oven $4.50
KEEMA NAN Stuffed with ground lamb or chicken $4.50
THE BREAD BASKET: A combination of 3 house breads, Plain Nan, Garlic nan, Onion Nan $6.99*
HAANDI'S BREAD BASKET: A combination of Onion Kulcha, Olive Nan and Spinach Parantha $9.99

PAPPADAM: A crispy & mildly spicy wafer lightly grilled or fried $1.99
RAITA: Yogurt salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and potato $3.00
PICKLE STAND: Delicious indian pickle and mango chutney $1.99

GULAB JAMUN: Indian milk cheese ball deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup $3.50
KHEER: Delicious rice pudding garnished with nuts & served chilled $3.50
MANGO KULFI: Indian ice cream a frozen treat flavored with mango $3.50
PISTACHIO KULFI: Indian ice cream a frozen treat flavored with cardamom & pistachio $3.50
GAJJAR HALWA: Carrots cooked in milk and dry nuts$3.50

DESSERT SAMPLER: An assortment of 3 Indian sweets $8.99